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Our Vision

We adventure with purpose.

Why does CuraKuda exist?

To honor the wisdom and nurture the wellbeing of our horses and the wild places we access

To inspire curiosity and encourage the development of a regenerative economy and resilient people in our local and global communities through authentic experiences with horses, in nature

To engage in conversation about how we, as individuals, may lead more wholehearted lives, businesses, and organizations that are aligned with the natural cycles of the Earth

To create and cultivate a resilient and regenerative organization through which we may steward financial prosperity toward our employees and equine partners, our shareholders, our environment and our local community

Being Trustworthy Guardians of the Herd

We have not built CuraKuda in order to profit from the horses in our care and the land that cares for us.

We’ve built CuraKuda in order to demonstrate the ways in which the prioritizing wellbeing of the herd and the land, motivates the innovation of our strategic business making decisions- allowing us to authentically stretch toward a truly regenerative business model.

Through our core commitments to this wellbeing, we are reimagining what is possible for the human-horse partnership in realtime.

These are our commitments to our herd in our efforts to be trustworthy guardians:


Nurturing Global Resilience and Regeneration

We are more than an adventure company, more than a leadership development company, more than a eco-tourism outfitter. The roots of CuraKuda are grounded in a commitment to use business as a force for good. We're starting small, but thinking big.

This is a long term journey toward a large scale impact.

Working in partnership with the healing and empowering capacities of horses and nature, it is our mission to provide a sanctuary for discovery that invokes a sense of curiosity about how we, as individuals and collectively, may lead more wholehearted lives, businesses and organizations that are aligned with the natural cycles of the Earth and in tune with the wisdom of our bodies. 

The vision of CuraKuda is to embody a truly regenerative presence that cultivates resiliency in our world. 


These are our commitments to nurture global resilience through our regenerative presence:


As a regenerative presence that is cultivating a resilient planet, we commit to:

  • Strive to maintain a regenerative relationship of reciprocity with the land upon which we operate, graze our horses & lead expeditions

  • Support efforts that connect local community with protected wilderness areas in order to nurture local wellbeing and build relationship between people and nature

  • Practice and teach Leave No Trace philosophy in all wilderness journeys

  • Actively support efforts to draw carbon out of our atmosphere through the following:

    • Integrate holistic grazing management practices into our operations

    • Supporting local agroforestry & regenerative agriculture efforts

    • Contributing to the protection, re-wilding, and regeneration of old growth forests


As a regenerative presence contributing to community resiliency, we commit to:

  • Support the development of a local regenerative economy through skills-building workshops for regenerative industries that uplift and empower undereducated, underserved populations

  • Empower women in our local community with confidence and leadership development through donation-based access to periodic Equine Facilitated Learning workshops

  • Provide periodic access to emotional and physical equine therapy programs for underserved children

  • Participate in community-based fund-raising and awareness-building initiatives related to local environmental protection and cultural preservation



As a regenerative presence that addresses economic resiliency, we commit to:

  • At a minimum, pay employees a living wage and support their resilience through continuous personal and professional development

  • Manage all revenue in a regenerative manner- money that flows into the organization flows inward and onward to support the resilience of CuraKuda, of our employees and equine partners, our shareholders, our environment and our local community

  • Diversify services & revenue streams to support regenerative organizational growth, rather than exploitative and extractive growth

  • Pay an "Earth Tax", committing 1% of total annual revenue to be reinvested into old growth forest restoration and protection projects